Lapis Lazuli

 "If you do not wish to die, avoid the Hindu Kush Mountains, in the Valley of the Kokcha River, the valley where Lapis Lazuli is mined.” – Afghan proverb


Our jewelry utilizes the highest quality and most notable lapis lazuli in the world, found in the mines of the Hindu Kush Mountains in Northeastern Afghanistan.

Lapis lazuli (Lajaward in Dari) is a semi-precious stone that has been mined in the Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan for over 6,000 years. It is known for its brilliant blue color, golden specks of pyrite, and sacred uses in ancient times. Afghan lapis has been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs and was often used to decorate religious shrines.

For centuries, lapis traveled along the Silk Road to be used in jewelry, sculptures, and various forms of art. Artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci pulverized the stone to form a radiant blue pigment for painting. 


Lapis is used as a talisman and is thought to have many healing properties. Valued by ancient civilizations for stimulating insight and spiritual awakening, this gemstone inspires wisdom and enriches the inner self. It is widely acclaimed to be a symbol of truth and a shield against negative energy.

Lapis increases self-awareness and awakens a sense of purpose within the wearer. Believed to exude tranquility and healing energy, it has been used to treat migraines, insomnia, and optical disorders. This gemstone stimulates the higher mind and increases intellectual capacity. It inspires the search for truth, knowledge, and understanding.

As seen in the video below, our artisans handpick the best stones for inclusion in our pieces. Afghan lapis is bright blue even in its natural state.